How To Remove Ice Cream With Carpet Dry Cleaning

You may have the habit of having your food in the seating area where the carpets are there at the bottom. But, if by chance there is an accidental spill then it would tarnish the condition of the carpets. For example, you are having ice cream and you happen to spill the same on the carpet. Now, you are scared of how to remove the entire thing before it melts and settles inside the carpet. Also, you would have a fear of stains. When that is the case, you can rely on carpet dry cleaning. This will provide you with the best results.

Carpet Dry Cleaning
Carpet Dry Cleaning
  1. Scrape the ice cream first with the flat thing on the carpet

The ice cream fell on the carpet and then there was a fear of ice cream melting and settling in. Well, all you should do is take a flat thing with which you can scrape off the entire thing. Now, when you are done with this, you should immediately pour warm water on the same and start blotting. This will remove the ice cream remnants from the carpet.

  1. Now, pour the combination of warm water and vinegar onto the area

Even though you happen to remove the ice cream remnants, some smell, flavor, and stickiness will still be there. So, all you need to do is take a solution of warm water and vinegar and pour it on the affected area. Now, take a blotting paper or a cotton cloth and start blotting.

  1. Let it dry and use a dry cleaning powder solution on the same

Once the area dried, you have to now remove the final ice cream stain which will go with carpet dry cleaning. There are dry cleaning solvents that you can keep in your home. These solvents will have the instructions mentioned on the same. So, follow the instructions and see how you need to take the action. This will be the final thing that you need to use.

  1. Give your carpet to the professional carpet dry cleaning service

If you do not have the dry cleaning solvents at home then you need to get the carpet cleaned with the help of professionals. Talk to a reliable carpet cleaning company and tell them what has happened to your carpet. Take an appointment and let them come for an inspection. Then let them decide how they wish to dry clean the same.


There are solvents and powders which can clean the carpets and you can do such dry cleaning at home. But you must not do anything wrong or out of your scope. In such situations, it would be better if you call for a reliable and expert carpet cleaning service. This will bring in the best results. You love having the carpet and hence you should take good care of the same. So, be ready to take the right action so that you can maintain the condition of your carpet well. Contact Us Today and Make an Appointment.